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base type rental led display
Rental LED Display Solution:1) High brightness SMD is used for outdoor solution. The brightness reaches to 5,500 cd/sqm.2) Using real pixels not virtual pixels,providing better text,graphics and video viewing effect;3) High contrast, high refresh rate, the image is quite well through the LED display without any delay;4).....[more]
hanging type rental led display
LED Sport Perimeter Solution:1) For outdoor sports video screen, we use visual pixel technology to realize better performance of vivid video display with DIP outdoor 4 light ranges of product and specical controlling system;2) For indoor sports video screen, we use SMD 3 in 1 technology, which takes wider viewing angle, higher refresh rate for the sports events broadcasting;3)..[more]
single pillar type led display
Fixed Installation LED Display Solution:As we know advertisement is the mainly usage of the LED screen. Fixed installation LED display solution is the best and popular method for advertising. Building outdoor full-color giant LED screen in single or multiple business centers and major traffic areas to compose outdoor giant screen network which covers the whole city even whole country,Giant LED display screen with strong visual impact, ultra-clear pictures...[more]
movable led display
Mobile LED Display Solution:1) Double copper technology enables the system has better stability, better thermal conductivity, telecommunications parameters stability and the strengthening of the shockproof.2) High uniformity masks integrate with modules perfectly, masks’color is even without shadows and ultraviolet aging which can resist 20,000pa instantaneous pressure.3) The shock-proof design of the cabinet protects the led screen and the system to ensure the long-term safe operation of the system....[more]